Counselling can operate in either one off sessions, pre-agreed blocks (4,8,12,16) or open ended work, depending on your preference.

We will begin with an initial onine or telephone consultation, where we will get to know each other and decide how we will work together. Following this, You'll be sent a Counselling Contract which will guide our work together. The Counselling Contract will need to be signed by both of us before our sessions will begin.

I offer both in person work and remote methods (online and telephone), You may have a preference for either, or want to use a combination of in person and online sessions.

In Person Sessions

Working in person sessions occur in a neutral location away from your home. You will attend a pre-arranged 50 minute sessions at Counselling Hub (Talbot Green South Wales) in a calming and relaxed venue.

In person work is suitable for those who would prefer not the be in their home environment for Counselling and those who would prefer to be in the same room as their therapist.

Telephone & Online sessions

Online Counselling appointments can be easier attend and fit in around your lifestyle or working hours. It also mean you're not restricted to the Therapists available in your area. 

You'll need a quiet and private space to attend from, free from distractions and family members. pets are welcome in the room, but you'll need somewhere where you won't be interrupted or overheard by anyone else.

We will use platforms such a Zoom, Teams and Whastapp to meet via video call, so you'll need a suitable device (phone, tablet or laptop) and a stable and reliable internet connection.

"We are the best experts on ourselves"

— Carl Rogers

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 19:00
Saturday - Sunday


Counselling Hub Wales

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